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Maharaja Agrasen is our national hero, not just, a mythological character but with the historical sanctity and traditional authenticity carried over by his more than 47 crore successors spread over a number of eighteen (18) sects (Gotras) and scattered throughout the world as on today.The advent of Maharaja Agrasen dates back Mahabharata era about 5200 years. He is regarded as the genetic successor of Lord RAMA (hero of Ramayan) belonging to the race of Suryavanshiya Kshatriyas who ruled over different parts of India over the generations. He was very courageous, generous and genius since his early age and had gained in-depth knowledge of all skills importance.

The elements of justice were inherent in AGRASAIN. It is believed that by intervention of AGRASAIN, his father rejected the offer of the KAURAVAS to fight for them in the famous battle of MAHABHARAT. It was not acceptable to AGRASAIN to support KAURAVAS for their unjust and unfair goals and consequently, AGRASAIN and his father are believed to have participated for PANDAVAS in MAHABHARAT. AGRASAIN was a king of far sightedness and a character of multi dimensions. His planned governance and wise administration made his people happy and prosperous from all corners and AGROHA became a model state of governance and administration.

NON- VIOLANCE : The kshatriyas were all though engaged in violence in different manners. There was the atmosphere of disturbance in society. Innocent animals were slaughtered in YAGANAS in the name of religion. The kings used to perform ASHWAMEDH YAGYA and slaughter horses establish their supremacy amongst the different states. MAHARAJA AGRASAIN performed YAGYA without such animal slaughter and boycotted the age old tradition of violence. He, even being deeply dedicated to DHARMA and its basic principles, raged against the wrongful fundamentalist traditions in society. The principle of mercy, non - violence and vegetarianism were popularly established by MAHARAJA AGRASAIN in his empire. The same principles were repeated by LORD BUDDHA, LORD MAHAVEER and other saints later on from time to time.

SOCIALISM : The principles of equity and a society free from hunger and unemployment is the inspiring idea for the principle of Socialism for long and this idea was first propagated by Maharaja Agrasen during his rule. The Socialism does not mean the bloodbath. It is not for snatching the wealth and prosperity of others but to provide fair chance to every class of people to earn and survive with self - reliance. The system to render “ONE BRICK - ONE COIN” to every person intending to settle in AGROHA by each and every resident of the state, made every person a self reliant person. Such a person used to erect his home by means of such bricks and used to start any business by means of such coins. There was no begging but a fool proof system to provide reasonable opportunity to survive in society with due respect. This model of Socialism if applied in present context may be helpful to make our society free from class - conflict.

CHARITY : The mantra of Charity inherent in our ancient books (SHASHTRAS) were propagated by MAHARAJA AGRASEN that the people should not have self - centric attitude only but generously do something for others. That is the reason that the successors and followers of MAHARAJA AGRASAIN have been playing lead role in establishment of hospitals, schools, colleges, temples, libraries, dispensaries, inns etc. down the years and adopted the principles of charity as parts and parcel of their lives.

GOOD GOVERNANCE : The king is not the owner of the state and its people but accountable to each and every event occurred during his rule to the people. MAHARAJA AGRASEN’s state was a development oriented state with good infrastructure facilities for public and governance with democracy, accountability, transparency and development. The society remembers MAHARAJA AGRASEN for his memorable and valuable contributions. The present rulers sitting at the helm, of governance can have a significant inspiration and lesson from MAHARAJA AGARSAIN.